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Aixvox GmbH organizes and moderates webinars as a neutral expert. Professional webinars transfer knowledge about products or services as well as product and concept ideas.

Business benefits:Der Zirkel der aixvox

  • what new path in communication are helpful?
  • where can you save time and money in communication?
  • how is your organization working together?


  • Board members
  • managing director
  • Head of department
  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Everybody that communicates with other locations, internal and external

Seminar Facilitator:

Detlev Artelt

Detlev Artelt is the CEO of aixvox GmbH, a manufacture-independent consulting company based in Aachen. He leads the expert group Unified Communications at the eco-Association “Kompetenzgruppe Unified Communications beim eco-Verband” and is a speaker, presenter and advisors body at international congresses.

Detlev Artelt is the editor and author of the textbook series  „voice compass“, “, the standard work on contemporary communication and „PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation“,which give readers useful tips and reports, as well as the specialized publication „EINFACH ANDERS ARBEITEN“.

Webinar ­­– What is that?

Webinars are online seminars, which provide an inexpensive way to inform customers and prospects about different topics or products. Many decision makers no longer have the time to attend full-day seminars. Therefore webinars offer a great way to quickly communicate directly to suppliers. No office, catering or travel expenses occur. Thus the participants can usually attend a webinar for free and can reach more applicants. Many people also participate from their desks, ps or mobile devices and are willing to invest 45-60 minutes.


A. Planning and Setup

  • content development
  • Creating an attractive design of the presentation
  • Question Development ( from participants view )
  • Setting up the platform

B. Implementation of the webinars

  • Test run with a minimum of 2 people
  • Samples of participants questions and answers of the seminar leader
    if interested : live survey of participants
C. Whitepaper 
  • Summary of key information
  • editing (text production , graphics creation , design )

D. Marketing / Advertising ( optional)

  • Application of the webinar in our large network ( newsletter , social media )


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