Multi-und Omnichannel im Kundenservice

Workshop Facts

Customers expect Service & Support provided from all Channels (Chat, Social Media, Video,..). Channel diversity rises a challenge in customer service. In this workshop you will learn how to implement your Omni-Multichannel strategy.

After completing this workshop, you will know:

Der Zirkel der aixvox

  • What Communication channels are relevant for customer service
  • Everything necessary for multi-omni channel reporting
  • Technical basics for a successful and modern costumer service

This workshop is targeted to:

  • Companies with an integrated service center
  • Manager and chief of the customer service department
  • Accountability in contact centers

Seminar Facilitator:

Detlev Artelt

Detlev Artelt is the CEO of aixvox GmbH, a manufacture-independent consulting company based in Aachen. He leads the expert group Unified Communications at the eco-Association “Kompetenzgruppe Unified Communications beim eco-Verband” and is a speaker, presenter and advisors body at international congresses.

Detlev Artelt is the editor and author of the textbook series „voice compass“”, the standard work on contemporary communication and the  „PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation“, which give readers useful tips and reports, as well as the specialized publication „EINFACH ANDERS ARBEITEN“.

Multi- und Omnichannel in costumer service– What is that?

Customers use a variety of channels – The Internet and mobile Data sharing allows Chat, Facebook, Twitter und more. These opportunities bring new tasks and technological challenges for innovative contact centers. Furthermore the agents must have the ability to elaborate the diverse channels with the same quality as on the telephone.

The right tools, important knowledge of Omni channel and real life examples will help your company to a quantum leap forward. So you can offer an optimal costumer service.


10.00 short introduction

  • The importance of multichannel today
  • Expectations of Customers

11.30 break

12.00 Channels and their features

  • E-Mail
  • Telephone
  • Chat
  • IVR
  • Social Media

13.30 Business Lunch

14.30 „Hands on“

  • virtual Callcenter with channel diversity

15.15 Best Practice: Omnichannel in customer service

  • Chat, Desktop-Sharing
  • teamwork per Video
  • Mobile applications for customer service
  • personalized Service-App
  • Areas of application for mobile Apps

15.45 break

16.00 Multi-, Omnichannel and Unified Communications

  • Multi-Omni channel strategy

17.30 summary

  • Top 3 topics
  • questions


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Multi- and Omnichannel in Customer Service 24. May 2016