Here you find exactly those workshops that will lead your company to success.

Detlev Artelt-WorkshopOur workshops for particiants from various companies and industries are practice- and application-oriented. Regarding the location of the workshop you have got the choice: We can either hold the workshop in our rooms in Aachen or come to you to offer you a in-house experience.  All of your experts and consultants have many years of practical experience what directly benefits our workshops.

In addition to the topics speech technology, communication and Unified Communications we broadened the spectrum of our range of services in close collaboration with partners and customers so that we now can accessorily offer workshops concerning Smarter Working, Multi- and Omnichannel in customer services as well as Cloud Computing and WebRTC.

In our workshops we joinlty work out individual and sustainable concepts for your company. Furthermore we offer consulting, conception and support of your present projects and act as a broker between company, staff and customers.

Check-Up Workshop


The possibilities for in-company communication are in a constant state of change. In our workshops the already used communication infrastructure gets checked in ordner to detect potential for optimisation.

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Kommunikation 4.0

Communication 4.0

About the expedient combination of phone, email, videochat, collaboration tools as well as social media and how to efficiently use them in your business communication. Let us show you how companies can use the various communication channels in an optimal way.

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Development of your individual communications strategy. In doing so the concept of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) is integrated optimally in your company. In this process technology, people and premises get perfectly aligned.

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Omni- und Multichannel

Multi- and omnichannel in customer service

Nowadays customers expect service and support on all channels (chat, social media, video, …): This diversity of channels poses a challenge to service centers. Learn in this workshop how to systematically use the variety of communication channels.

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Einfach Anders Arbeiten

Einfach Anders Arbeiten – the seminar

Current workplace concepts, communication solutions and innovative technologies can be used to make work more efficient as well as enjoyable. Experience in which areas your company can change to a different way of work and how to effectively implement those changes.

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You will get a sustainable and practical knowledge transer concerning the digitalisation on all levels of business life and communication. This workshop will show you which digitalisation processes will take place and change companies in the near and far future.

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The aixvox GmbH organizes and moderates webinars as neutral expert professional and specifically imparts knowledge about products and services as well as concept and product proposals.

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