Wer spricht hier eigentlich mit mir? (Who’s talking to me anyway?)- in cmm 01/2012

contact management magazin 01/2012

Don’t we all know them: the quacking voices of automats that are supposed to attend on us and always be friendly in customer service. As a matter of fact, the first machines and their voices didn’t particularly sound human and could only be understood with a lot of imagination. That resulted in only little acceptance and the call for human staff members or call center agents. Resourceful developers, however, did not respond to that call. Instead, they just released the newest generation of voices and algorithms from their laboratories.


Detlev Artelt

Detlev Artelt

Detlev Artelt - CEO, Senior-Consultant, Blogger und Unified Communications & Collaborations Experte. Als Kommunikationsarchitekt und Technologie-Berater seit über 25 Jahren für einen besseren Kundenservice aktiv.

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