Some of our reference projects

Last CallJung von Matt – new ways in customer acquisition

Until now speech technology and recognition are especially used in the sector of industry and entrepreneurship: They – for example – simplify and optimize the communication structure in the fields of Unified Communication. Until now interacting with the user aimed at esay operation and efficienc; lead generation, customer communication and customer acquisition were no issues. The advertising agency Jung von Matt changed that in discovering the speech technology for the entertainment market. You can learn about those  upcoming potentials in their interactive movie. Weiterlesen


Frauen-auf-YachtVacation Ahoy! A reliable valuation satisfies yacht charters and customers

Yacht vacations are something really special. To enjoy the freedom of sailing wherever you like and to let the wind blow through one’s hair – that’s how a holiday should be. However, it’s not an easy thing to find the perfect yacht for your dream holiday because charter companies are ten a penny. Other traveler’s valuations are helpful and support you in making the right choice. And when are the impressions of the travel and especially the ones of the yacht clearer than in the moment leaving the boat? Weiterlesen


WorkshopCommunication 4.0 – new communication channels explained comprehensibly

Communication and the tools required are in a constant change. On a daily basis new phone solutions, interactice contact center software or “the real” Unified Communication suite, that shall make a better, more efficient and faster communication, are introduced into the market. Especially in the daily professional life this development confronts many people with the question if those products and solutions are really just what they need. Weiterlesen


takomatThe permanently present consultant

takomat is a company from the field of multimedia. They develop new digital life forms for different types of media and attach importance to design and usability as key factors for the success of new products. Thus they create complex and genuine games as well as automised 3D-charakter for the video games market and the film industry. Weiterlesen


eSolutionsCommunication with a click. SMS eSolutions simplifies communication through comprehensive consulting

„On eye level with customers and the market“: that is not only the slogan but also the corporate philosophy of sms eSolutions GmbH, a software company in Düren near Collogne. With their product ICCS Professional (Inter Carrier Communication System), a technology for the allocation and porting of numbers, the company specialised in the are of telecommunication. Weiterlesen


@aroma-TeamFollow your nose!

Our brain is not only capable of processing acoustic and visuel simuli, in fact smells and scents do have huge impact on our mood and the perception of sitations, places as well as products. Weiterlesen


Mann-mit-HandstandEcoLibro finds its way through the ITK jungle due to the aixvox’s consultation

Conversations with customers, meetings with distributed teams, the presentation of solutions…those are only a few areas where companies of today are in need of fitting communication solutions. To satisfy this need you are facing a giant amount of various products using different technologies and approaches. Weiterlesen




CrocsBrief consultation – Telecommunication: With minimal effort to maximum results

Everyone knows them, many are enthusiastic about them – the talk is of Crocs. For more than a decade you can no longer image the people’s closets without Crocs as sandals, clogs or sneakers for big and small. But what many don’t know is that behind the polarizing shoes there is a expanding concern headquartered in the Netherlands. Weiterlesen


The world’s first interactive horror movie

Last-Call-TeaserLAST CALL – control the movie’s story with speech recognition!

In collaboration with other companies we created the project “LAST CALL” for the TV channel “13th Street”. In the course of this project we advised all persons involved with respect to speech recognition and simultaneously created the technological concept. Weiterlesen

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Reference projects 11. May 2016