Der voice compass - (R)Evolution in der KommunikationSince 2007 the aixvox publishes the voice compass specialist book series. The alternately in German and English appearing compendiums are considered as standard reference for communication, information and speech technology by managers, decision-makers and operators.

What’s inside?

Whereas the focus in the first two editions was put on the sector of speech technology, speech automation and speech biometry, the current edition “(R)Evolution in der Kommunikation” features the trend topic Unified Communications and the associated changes in our everyday communication.

The voice compass presents even the most complicated subjects in a neutral, transparent and comprehensible manner; in addition the collaboration and support of international specialists guarantee a high added which is emphasized by the practice-oriented application examples and a broad range of specialist knowledge.

A clearly defined target group

Call centers/service centers: Speech automation improves the consultation and interrogation process in numerous call and service centers on a daily basis. The voice compass helps you to make important and future-oriented decisions and shows call center managers as well as operators which products and procedures are the right ones for their call center.

Customer relationship management, customer service: What are central aspects when we’re talking about good service and satisfied customers? Two things in particular are very important: quick consulting and a good information management. In order to reach this aim, different tools of communication, e.g. CRM-systems, should be interlocked in a reasonable and efficient way. Thereby technologies like voice portals, Email Response Management, web selfservice and multichannel management start new trends in the customer service industry. Our voice compass supports you make the right choice of suppliers/providers with the help of its detailed producer overview as well as practical examples.

Voice application for everybody: Experts all around the world say that speech is becoming mainstream, what leads to the conclusion that in almost every company the daily communication shows potential for optimisation. Voice compass explains which components you should attach importance to and how a high-quality voice application should sound. Furthermore we put together calculation examples and recommendations so that you can easily see through costs and benefits of those new technologies on first glance.

Die Struktur des Fachbuches voice compass - (R)Evolution in der Kommunikation

The advantages summarized for you

  • Comparing and detecting producers and contractors
  • Analysis of dependencies as well as links on the producer market
  • Predicition of future trends

Convice yourself

Numerous companies appreciate the voice compass as independent and universal standard referance for a optimized communication. We would be very happy to welcome you as well and therefore point out our newest publication “Einfach Anders Arbeiten”

Win communicatively!
Our company’s philosophy is to win communicatively!

Communication needs professional solutions. The voice compass points out all the important areas and solutions of the speech technology and explains them comprehensibly. Just like I want to counsel my customers. Finally a book that combines it all: transparency and know-how! This book wins communicatively!

Kommunikation braucht professionelle Lösungen. Im voice compass sind alle wichtigen Bereiche und Lösungen aus der Sprachtechnologie aufgezeigt und werden optimal erläutert. Ganz so, wie auch ich meine Kunden beraten möchte. Endlich ein Buch, indem alles vereint ist: Transparenz und Know-how! Dieses Buch gewinnt kommunikativ!

Michael Knauff, MCA GmbH, Gesellschaft für Kommunikationslösungen

For further information and questions pleace contact Simone Rongen

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