PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation – Alles SMART?

PRAXISTIPPS - Alles smart?

After five successfull editions of PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation we granted them a makeover in spring 2016.

In a new format shape, with a new appearence and brandnew content this edition PRAXISTIPPS follows the motto “Alles Smart?”. In our daily linguistic we can no longer do without the word “smart”: Smart phone, smart watch, smart home, smart TV- everything nowadays seems to be clever! However, how smart can our work environment be? Exactly this is the issue we deal with in this edition of Praxistipps Kundenkommunikation.


Content of PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation

With a mixture of know-how, references of projects, examples and success stories, the PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation explain in a modern and fresh manner where and how current changes take place in the daily communication..


Trends und technologiesSmart in die Zukunft?

The new PRAXISTIPPS consist of a theory part and a practice part.

In the theory section knowledge, concepts and solutions around the topic “Everything smart” are conveyed by the aixvox and selected guest authors.

The practice part on the other hand comprises exclusive practical examples, that show, how smarter working is already integrated in numerous companies. For this purpose you’ll find 112 pages – full with articles, interviews and use cases showing what smarter working means for the business world.


Cutting edge design

Given that you can only browse through the case studies and referencesin a pleasant manner when the readability is ensured we chose a lot of space for graphics and pictures combined with a modern design. See for yourself in the given example.


Talk to your customers via print, e-book and app!

Time for ChangeThe PRAXISTIPPS are published as handy paperpack, pdf or e-book for tablets and a-readers. Thus readers can access the publication with almost every mobile terminal what enables them to directly contact you via link or QR-code.

Paperback, e-book and app are spread by us, our huge network and our media partners: Benefit from that wide-spread distribution of the PRAXISTIPPS and reach more than 100.000 people – just by being a part of it.

The Praxistipps editions 1 to 5 are online available as ePub-file online at many shops. Alternatively you can download the e-book of the first four editions free of charge in our download section!

Share your success story: In the next PRAXISTIPPS!

Mediadaten der Praxistipps

Mediafiles of the Praxistipps Kundenkommunikation

Become a part of this successful book project.

Show us what the future of work looks like to you and how “clever working” can be implemented.

Be a part of it and support the Praxistipps as guest author or with your practical examples. More information concerning scope and participation you can find in this PDF.


Simone RongenFor further information and open questions about the publication you are more than welcome to contact us.


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