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Einfach Anders Arbeiten stands für communication – everytime and everywhere. Mobile working and the possibility to get together with a team spread all over the world via videochat are two factors that help companies handle our most important asset – namely our time. How can you visualize the availability of people and how can you integrate social networks into our daily (business) communication? These are among the questions we looked into in this publication. New technologies and modern working concepts accelerate the cooperation of people, who are always colleagues, customers, partners or providers. If we want to keep up in this fast moving community then the courage to embrace change seems to be exactly the right engine.

It’s time, to finally use all the by techology given possibilities for a better life and easier work.  – Detlev Artelt

The specialist book EINFACH ANDERS ARBEITEN is the aixvox’s latest publication, which was composed under the direction of Detlev Artelt, and is to be released as a part of the well-known voice compass series. The core topic is the usage of new communication channels that are brought to us by Unified Communication & Collaboration. In cooperation with many considerable companies we set as an aim to give the middle class decision-maker an understanding of the needed basis of those technologies, that are unfortunately often presented in a rather confusing way. Furthermore we want to simultaneously  motivate them to join the Digitalisation.

Einfach Anders ArbeitenThe content

The introduction and the theory part are followed by about 20 practical examples that deal among aspects of efficiency and other things with the following topics:

• mobile working
• management of presence
• flexible Aworking hours
• collaboration across sites
• video conferences
• only one dial number
• different communication processes
• terminal equipment (phone, headset,…)
• gateways and systems
• change Management
• to buy or to rent?
• autonomous operation or let somebody extern manage things
• Cloud und UC
• involvement of the workers’ council
• safety of UC
• furniture and communication…

The unknown – Einfach Anders Arbeiten shows it all


The variety of new possibilities for better and faster communication are often represented as confusing or  unclear. With Einfach Anders Arbeiten we manage to show – by means of the particular advantage – why and how certain communication channels benefit your company.

Target group

All middle-class companies, bigger corporate groups as well as small teams are part of the target group of this publication because they all benefit significantly from the daily time saving described in Einfach Anders Arbeiten. The book’s concept especially aims at the knowledge transfer to the executive board, the management, sales, marketing and other decision-makers. All texts are written in an appropriate style so everybody feels adressed the right way. You won’t find technological explanations what ensures the comprehensibility for non-technical readers. Thus you’ll find descriptions of examples and argumentations derived from the target group’s perspective; in addition technical terms are explained in a consistent and detailed way.


The publication EINFACH ANDERS ARBEITEN has been released in spring of 2015. It is available as hardvocer and  in digitalform as ePub and  personalized PDF:

• as eBook (ePub) in the Amazon im Kindle Shop, at iBook and at Thalia for other e-readers Reader
• as paperback with 438 pages in color and as hardcover at Amazon or in our aixvox Shop
• as eBook for your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch und Mac

EINFACH ANDERS ARBEITEN is also distributed:

• in the book trade
• by the aixvox at different fairs and events
• by our network of supporting media partners (20+).

Preview of Einfach Anders Arbeiten

Take a look at our  prewiev and gain a quick overwiew of content and design.

Einfach Anders Arbeiten mit Widmung

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