• PRAXISTIPPS Kundenkommunikation is a publication of the aixvox and is released annually with 50 new practical examples. They contain success stories from the whole middle-class, which are very interesting to read. Available as free e-Book in PDF- and epub-format.
  • Read interesting articles concerning Social Media Marketing, Unified Communications, speech recognition, communication consulting as well as contact center technologies or CRM-systems, to name but a few. Convince yourself and and find your own, helpful PRAXISTIPP on your way to success.
  • Furthermore, we regularly offer interesting e-books from the communication and IT sector – for free.


Kundenkommunikation 2014

PTK4More and more companies rely on new communication channels for more customer satisfaction. Modern technologies and social media help you with your individual communication strategy.

  • Channel variety in customer communication
  • Sensible use of new communication channels


Kundenkommunikation 2013

PTK3A modern working world means using Unified Communications. Everything on one device, no more change of media – that’s one promise of UC. Learn more in the book.

  • How much UC does my company need?
  • Speech biometry – your voice’s individual key!


Kundenkommunikation 2012

PTK2The German middle-class has an enormous potential for the development of new working models but many companies have not recognised the overvalue of those yet. This circumstance has to be changed.

  • “Survival of the fittest” in business communication
  • Your future with better communication


Kundenkommunikation 2011

PTK1A success story takes its course. The first PRAXISTIPPS are published and show with the help of descriptive examples and precious know-how how communication changes in companies.

  • The guideline for your customer communication
  • 47 current examples of contemporary communication in business areas


Erfolgreiches Contactcenter 2015

Erfolgreiches Contactcenter 2015This year again, the industry gathers for the top-event “Erfolgreiches Contactcenter”. What could be more suiting than a handy e-book filled with tipps and tricks by numerous speakers and solution partners?

  • Key subjects: humans, quality, service, multi-channel
  • 100 pages full of expert knowledge


Erfolgreiches Contactcenter 2014

Erfolgreiches-ContactcenterEvery autumn the successful congressial event “Erfolgreiches Contactcenter” takes place. Speakers and solution partners have summarized important points in professional articles accompanying their topics.

  • Key subjects: humans, quality, service, multi-channel
  • With an exclusive prologue of Markus Grutzeck
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