Was does the company name aixvox mean?

Our company’s name is a made-up word which is composed of  the syllables ‚aix’ and ‚vox’. We chose that name in 2003 because it describes perfectly what we deal with and where we love to be situated. Those two syllables and their background will be explained on this page.


A portmanteau for success

stands for “Aix la Chapelle”, the French name of the city of Aachen, where we have our central office. This name rose to celebrity because of the emperor „Charles the Great“, who lived and ruled in Aachen in about 800 AC. Further information about Aachen can be found on the website of the city of Aachen and under Aix la Chapelle on Wikipedia.


stands for the audibility (lat. the voice). The dealing with language and communication as well as the understanding of it is are two of our most important objects of counseling. That’s why we advice on – besides on concepts for Unified Communications or Smarter Working – speech automation, speech recognition as well as on contact center technique and on corporate communications.

You see, the company name „aixvox“ is an elegant portmanteau which unites the two most important parts of our company’s culture: our origin and our estimated know-how. Learn more about us here.


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